Joseph H. Pilates is the creator of what’s referred to as the Method.  Pilates exercise can be done either on a mat or on special apparatus designed to either enhance or assists with the exercise.  Some of the equipment used include the Reformer, the trapeze table (sometimes referred to as the Cadillac), multi chair or wunda chair and a host of other smaller toys to help strengthen and tone the entire body.

Why Pilates?

Pilates is unique in that it strengthens the body as well as improving flexibility.  Core strengthening focusing on the abdominals is another big key component to Pilates.  The lack of ballistic movements also makes this form of exercise ideal for people of all ages and all abilities. Dancers and athletes, including golfers, swimmers, football players have used Pilates to improve flexibility, core strength and most importantly performance.

Group Pilates

Group Pilates sessions include up to 7 people working out together with one Pilates instructor.  You’ll work out on the Reformer as well as other equipment and small apparatus into the session. Our group reformer classes are designed to tone and tighten the whole body.

Cardio Jump Pilates

Group Pilates up to 6 people on the reformer utilizing the jump board for a fun low impact workout. You will integrate Pilates, core and flexibility training alongside short cardio intervals with the jump board to burn calories and build strength.

Private Pilates

Private classes are perfect for those who are new to this method of exercise or who have taken a break from Pilates and need a refresher.  Working one-on-one with our certified instructors, will ensure you get a personalized workout specifically for your needs and goals.

Partner Pilates

Duo sessions are available if you’re wanting to workout with your friend or partner. Perfect if you don’t feel comfortable working out in a group format.

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